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In order to be eligible to continue with Phase II of the certifying process, the candidate must complete the credentials portion of the online application, arrange for ACVCP to recieve transcripts and copies of accepted but unpublished manuscripts, and send the Phase II credentials fee. These steps must be completed before midnight on October 1, 2018. Read this page in its entirety before you proceed.

Access the Credentials portion of (your application in) the online Application System to update information about your training program, provide a list of courses you have taken as part of your training, and provide literature citations for 2 publications that meet Phase II exam requirements. When you complete the credentials portion of the application process, you must request (via a link in the application system menu) a review of this information by the college. Following a successful review, you will be able to notify ACVCP of your intent to take a particular Phase II exam.

Candidates who do not receive an email confirming receipt of their application within 24 hours of submission should contact the ACVCP Webmaster for verification.

Additional documentation (transcipts and publications) and the credentials fee must be sent to the Secretary-Treasurer of the ACVCP and be postmarked no later than October 1st, 2018 at the address indicated below.

No late submissions will be accepted. Letters of final acceptance from editors for publications to comply with requirements to take the Phase II examination must be postmarked no later than February 1st, 2019 if the candidate intends to take the phase II examination in 2019.

Publication requirements

Two manuscripts which embody the research and clinical aspects of the discipline of veterinary clinical pharmacology, i.e., the factors that constitute rational drug therapy in animal patients. These manuscripts must be peer-reviewed and published or accepted for publication (with evidence of acceptance such as a letter from the journal editor) by February 1 in the year in which the candidate wishes to take the Phase II examination. Additionally, these manuscripts must not have been used as credentials for another veterinary specialty board, and they must have been published no more than 2 years before the beginning of the training program.

  1. The candidate must be the first author on at least one of the manuscripts.
  2. One manuscript must be an original research article in the area of veterinary clinical pharmacology. Some examples of acceptable topics include: Pharmacokinetics of drugs in veterinary species, Pharmacodynamics of drugs in veterinary species (in vitro or in vivo that support safety or efficacy), Drug interactions, Dose-response studies (in vitro or in vivo), Clinical trials of drugs in veterinary species, Development of models for studying pharmacodynamics of drugs or for use in clinical trials of drugs in veterinary species, Studies related to pharmacovigilance or pharmacoepidemiology of veterinary drugs, Pharmacogenetics or pharmacogenomics of drugs in veterinary species. If the manuscript does not fall within any of these categories, it may still be acceptable, but the candidate should contact the Credentials Committee Chair for guidance on acceptability at least 2 months prior to the deadline for submission of credentials.
  3. The other manuscript must be either a published, peer-reviewed, original research article in the area of veterinary clinical pharmacology as described above; OR a published peer-reviewed, evidence-based, systematic or meta-analysis review of a veterinary therapeutic area.

    Guidelines for writing systematic reviews include:

In order to successfully become eligible for Phase II, a candidate must:

  1. Pass Phase I of the Diplomate Certifying Examination
  2. Have completed an approved ACVCP residency
  3. Provide course transcripts
  4. Provide two eligible publications
  5. Request a Registration Review. Notify ACVCP that you want a Phase II review.
  6. Send a credentials fee of $250 US at the time of application to the ACVCP Treasurer (address below). ACVCP accepts PayPal. If you wish to use PayPal to pay your credentials fee, click on the link "Request PayPal Information" below. You will be asked to fill out a form that will be sent to the ACVCP treasurer. You will then be contacted with instructions to complete the PayPal "purchase".

Dr. Ronette Gehring, Secretary ACVCP
Faculteit Diergeneeskunde
Pharmacology/Toxicology Division
Yalelaan 104 (1.040 Jeanette Donker-Voet Gebouw)
Utrecht, Utrecht
The Netherlands

Dr. Lara K. Maxwell, Treasurer ACVCP
264 McElroy Hall
Department of Physiological Sciences
Center for Veterinary Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK
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